Forssa is a cozy and lively town of approximately 16,500 people where you can find diverse and high-quality services just around the corner, always nearby. Forssa is also the centre of an economic area of around 35,000 residents in housing, employment, commercial services, leisure and education.

Forssa is located in the heart of Southern Finland at the intersection of highways 2 and 10. More than half of the population of Finland lives within 150 kilometres from Forssa, and the largest cities in Finland are only an hour’s drive away. An excellent location is one of Forssa’s benefits for both residents and the business sector.

Family walking in Forssa.

Contact details

Town of Forssa
Turuntie 18, PO Box 62
30101 Forssa, Finland

Switchboard 03 41 411
(when calling to Finland from abroad, please first select Finland’s country code 358 + the dialling code without the first zero)
The switchboard is open from Monday to Friday 09:00–15:00.

The offices at the Town Hall are open from Monday to Friday at 09:00–15:00.

Official e-mail: kirjaamo(at)forssa.fi

Employee e-mails: firstname.lastname(at)forssa.fi

Invoicing address: The Town of Forssa, Laskut, PO Box 64, 30101 FORSSA, FINLAND

Ankkalammi park in summer.


Forssa is a verdant town on the banks of the Loimijoki River, with plenty of parks and comfortable options and alternatives for living and housing. The market square and the connected park in the town centre is the heart of the town, a meeting and refreshment point loved by the residents.

Our town appreciates the diverse nature and the valuable urban landscape characterised by the cultural-historical environment deriving from the colourful history of Forssa as a textile industry town dating back to the 1800s.

In 2015, the Ministry of the Environment awarded Forssa the esteemed status of a national urban park. The most famous landmarks of Forssa are the redbrick factory buildings in the Kutomo and Kehräämö areas. Now, Kutomo hosts a lively shopping centre, and the beautiful milieu in Kehräämö is known as a centre of education and culture. Forssa is a bright green town, and its environment is well cared for. Looking after the environment also provides work for hundreds of Forssa residents. Forssa is a Finnish pioneer in the circular economy that takes into account the environment and nature.

Forssa Market Square in summer.


The town of long industrial tradition is nowadays especially known for the companies operating in the food and environment industries. Significant employers also include technology, construction and graphic industries. The town creates the preconditions for the growth, networking and internationalisation of companies and promotes the new businesses finding their place in Forssa. The Bright Green urban strategy emphasises a diverse business structure and innovative technological solutions—not forgetting an environmentally friendly approach and sustainable development.

Kehräämö area in summer.


Forssa has a plethora of hobby opportunities. Sports lovers can enjoy the tracks and exercising areas, sports associations and fields and the Viihdeuimala Vesihelmi Waterpark, which provide excellent settings for exercising. When it comes to culture, the Forssa theatre, music school, school of visual arts and courses at the adult education centre provide meaningful hobbies. In addition, the ample event offering, especially in the summertime, colours the town’s life.

Vesihelmi Spa.

Education and research

The Forssa Vocational Institute (FAI) offers vocational education and trains students for jobs in the following fields:  Culture, Natural Sciences, Catering and Domestic Services, Social services, Health and Care, Technology, Communication and Transport, Social sciences, Business Economics and Administration. Faktia, that works as part of FAI, provides tailored adult education and related competence development and training entities.

Central actors in the development and research operations include the Natural Resources Institute’s Jokioinen unit and Häme University of Applied Sciences’ Forssa unit that hosts the degree programmes in Bioeconomy, Information and Communication Technology, Sustainable Development and Nursing.

Forssa Town Library.


The history of Forssa began in 1847 when the Swedish-born Axel Wilhelm Wahren (1814–1885) established a cotton spinning mill by the Loimijoki River. As industrialisation gained speed, the town grew and developed closely together with the factory. In addition to the factories, Wahren commissioned the construction of apartments, a hospital, a library, a shop and a school.

The market town (township) of Forssa was established in 1923, and Forssa was awarded town privileges in 1964. The highways to Turku, Pori and Helsinki completed around the same time expedited the town’s development.

Forssa on a map.

Map of Southern Finland with Forssa, Helsinki, Turku and Tampere as well as the major harbours and airfields.


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