Forssa is also a town of students. The upper secondary school is a very diverse and high-quality institute that provides the youth with excellent opportunities for higher education. You can graduate as an engineer or nurse from the University of Applied Sciences as its fields in Forssa include  Nursing, Information and Communication Technology and  Sustainable Development as well as Bioeconomy engineering. The Forssa Vocational Institute (FAI) offers training for dozens of practical professions in the fields of culture, social sciences, business and administration, science, travel and food as well as economy, technology and logistics. The education centre for adults Faktia trains adult working life experts to new professions.

In the neighbouring municipalities, you can also find the Eerikkilän urheiluopisto sports training centre in Tammela and the Equine College in Ypäjä.

The Finnish education system consists of

Adult education is available throughout the educational levels. Basic education is a free-of-charge all-round education for the entire age group. After completing basic education, the student has completed his or her compulsory education. Six-year-olds who are starting the basic education the following year are entitled to pre-primary education.

You do not receive a degree from basic education but it grants you the right to apply to further education.

The Education Department at the Town of Forssa works according to a so-called local school principle. This means that children’s growth and learning are supported in the local school. If the support activities in the child’s own school are not sufficient, the child may transfer to the small groups at the Tölö school. The Tölö school is a centre for special support in the entire Forssa region where a child can complete the entire basic education, if necessary.

Forssa has two continuous comprehensive schools that range from the first to the ninth grade. Both comprehensive schools have new students starting on the seventh grade, coming from other primary schools covering grades 1–6 in Forssa.

Education and Leisure Administration

Turuntie 18
30100 Forssa, Finland
+358 (0)3 41 411, e-mail: sivistyspalvelut(at)

Head of Education
Mr. Jarmo Pynnönen
+358 (0)3 4141 5290
e-mail: jarmo.pynnonen(at)


Education and schools 

There are seven primary comprehensive schools in Forssa and a large upper secondary school serving the entire region.

Heikan koulu (primary comprehensive), grades 1–6
Saksankatu 23
Principal Mr. Olavi Ulmonen, tel. +358 (0)3 4141 5425

Keskuskoulu (primary comprehensive), grades 1–9
Koulukatu 5–7
Principal Mr. Jari Marjamäki, tel. +358 (0)3 4141 5430

Koijärven koulu-päiväkoti (day care centre, pre-school and primary comprehensive), grades 1–6
Pukkilantie 131
School Director Mr. Tero Kaseva, tel. +358 (0)3 4141 5919

Kuhalan koulu (primary comprehensive), grades 1–9
Opintie 4
Principal Mr. Atte Kolis, tel. +358 (0)3 4141 5440

Talsoilan koulu (primary comprehensive), grades 1–6
Talsoilankatu 34
Principal Mrs. Auli Ottelin, tel. +358 (0)3 4141 5468

Tölön koulu, general education primary comprehensive classes 1–6 and special education classes 1–9
Pihlajakatu 9
Principal Mrs. Minna Lintonen, tel. +358 (0)3 4141 5263

Vieremän koulu (primary comprehensive), grades 1–6
Nokantie 2
School Director Mr. Hannu Haapaniemi, tel. +358 (0)3 4141 5485

Each primary comprehensive school provides afternoon clubs. There is an attendance fee of €50 per monthFor additional information, please contact Afternoon Activities Coordinator Mrs. Katariina Kulmala, tel. +358 (0)3 4141 5420

The Upper Secondary School of Forssa

Upper Secondary School

The Upper Secondary School of Forssa
Lyseokatu 2
Principal Mr. Simo Veistola, tel. +358 (0)3 4141 5456

In addition to basic and upper secondary education, the Southwest Tavastia region federation of municipalities for vocational education and training offers vocational education for young people through the many different degrees available at the Forssa Vocational Institute. In addition, Faktia, a company owned by the federation, produces vocational education and training services for adults. HAMK University of Applied Sciences’ Forssa campus provides higher education.

Forssa Vocational Institute (FAI) and Faktia

Saksankatu 27
Federation Director Mrs. Maaria Silvius
switchboard +358 (0)40 7130 555

The Vocational Institute provides education and training in the following fields:

The Vocational institute offers vocational education and training to both young and adult students in various forms, including regular daytime studies, blended learning, online teaching and apprenticeship training.

Faktia offers diverse opportunities for individual learning and for the development of skills needed for working life. At the core of the services are basic, occupational and specialised occupational diploma courses, which are acknowledged and respected by employers. At Faktia, it is also possible to achieve various further qualifications and specialist qualifications.

HAMK University of Applied Sciences, Forssa campus

Wahreninkatu 11, switchboard +358 (0)3 6461

The Forssa campus offers degrees in Nursing, Information and Communication Technology,  Sustainable Development as well as Bioeconomy engineering. There is also a library to support the studies in these subjects, and it is open to everyone.

AMK University of Applied Sciences, Forssa campus