The ultimate decision-making in the Town of Forssa is exercised by the Town Council elected by the residents for a four-year period. The Council decides on the operational and financial objectives of the town in connection with approving the budget and financial plan, and the Council also appoints the allowances for taking care of the tasks required by the objectives.

Town Council meeting.

The Town Board that is elected by the Town Council for its period of office takes care of the town’s appropriate and profitable management within the framework set by the Town Council’s objectives. The Town Board prepares and executes Council decisions and monitors the municipality’s benefit in different ways.

Committees and boards prepare matters for the Town Board and they have also individual power of decision.

Hired personnel (office-holders and employees) take care of daily operations. Office-holders also make decisions when they realise decisions made by bodies consisting of people elected to positions of trust. The power of decision may also be delegated to office-holders.