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Saunas at Paija Farm

Saunas at Paija Farm

Paija Farm, located in the middle of fertile field landscapes, has four different saunas, where the soul rests and the mind calms down. You can perfectly combine sauna experience to a training or meeting day with program services, or just have decent sauna splashes with your own group!

Smoke sauna Menninkäinen and fireplace room
The benches of the partly underground smoke sauna can accommodate 12 sauna-goers at a time, and outside, in addition to its own small pond, there is a cube-shaped outdoor bath for eight persons. Thanks to the arched shape of the sauna, the heat lingers in a unique way.
Price 450 € incl. sauna, outdoor bath, fireplace room and towels.

Family sauna
The traditional rural sauna and the content of the hot-water cauldron are heated up to a pleasurable temperature with birch firewood. The sauna is made of logs, and the large stone oven gives off pleasant steam. The sauna has a summer-covered swimming pool for both adults and children, and there is a cozy porch for cooling next to the pool. The sauna can accommodate up to 6 sauna-goers at a time. For an additional fee, the outdoor bath next to the sauna can also be heated.
Price from guests with accomodation 20 € / 50 min and others 50 € / starting hour without accommodation.

Mobile sauna
This sauna heats up in fifteen minutes! In addition to the sauna room itself, this first mobile sauna in Finland also includes a small terrace and a dressing room. The water heats up at the same time as the sauna. The home of the mobile sauna is located next to the Menninkäinen smoke sauna, so you can order it to be parked next to the smoke sauna, if your large group needs more sauna space, or only book the mobile sauna. Mobile sauna can  can also be ordered to be parked in your own yard. Price by agreement.

Sauna for two bottoms
An excellent miniature destination for couples who wish to relax together by having a sauna and admire the rural landscape from the terrace while sipping refreshments. The sauna is built in connection with a small cottage, so, after an evening spent in the sauna, you can hit the hay right next door and wake up refreshed in the next morning. You can have the refrigerator stacked with some evening snacks and a breakfast basket, so you will not go hungry, either.
Price free for persons currently staying in a cottage. If you wish to book the sauna without accommodation, enquire about the price directly.

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