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Liesjärvi National Park

Liesjärvi National Park

Liesjärvi is in Tammela, in a sparsely populated part of the Southern Häme region with unspoiled forests and lakes, and clear traces of the Ice Age. The parks many trails take visitors to age-old forests, small bogs and a scenic esker ridge. The heritage farmstead at Korteniemi is the parks´s most popular attraction.

Liesjärvi is a great place to enjoy a day out amid varied natural scenery. the park has about 30 km of trails, and facilities including shelters and campsfire-sites. Follow trails to scenic spots like Kyyneränharju Esker, the rocky wiewpoint at hyypiökallio, and Korteniemi Heritage Farm

A network of more 200 km of interconnected trails starts from korteniemi, leading to sights including the Häme Visitor Centre, nearby Torronsuo National Park, and the historic town of Hämeenlinna.

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